Saturday, March 24, 2007

YOU'RE a Cracker Barrel!

So this morning, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. For those of you not in the know, it is a Mecca for all those of the country bumpkin persuasion. We headed out a little late, hoping to miss out on the dirtbag hoedown that would inevitable be waiting (there is a NASCAR race going on just up the road).
While we waited the 100 years for our table, we settled down on the lovely rocking chairs that are lined up out front of the restaurant.

White trash joy!
It's good to have land!

Quickly getting bored, Jeff and I wandered around, finding nothing except this place…

Things not to name your store...

And that was about it. We finally got our table, and sat down to eat. Everything was delicious, and managed to come out relatively how we ordered it, which was surprising because our waiter, Jason, was not playing with a full deck. Every time he came by, he threw out one or two lame jokes, the kind of jokes that you expect to hear from my father (sorry Dad).

We are back at Casa de Burke for a brief respite, before heading off to Casa Viera for some Lechon y Arroz con frijoles negros (that’s also Spanish for YUM!). That’s all for now, SEE YA!


Rachel said...

How do you NOT know that Cracker Barrel is racist and homophobic? As a card carrying member of the ACLU (who sued Cracker Barrel for firing a gay man and for not serving an African American woman), I may have to revoke your collective gay memberships.

Outraged in Los Angeles!

Jon said...

Crack Barrel?


worst. homos. ever.