Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Return of the Blair Witch

On Monday, Keith and I were in Florida, Georgia and two (2) Carolinas. Yesterday, we left North Carolina, went through Virginia (ALL. DAY. LONG.) and hit West Virginia briefly before heading into Maryland.

It was our toughest drive, for sure. After leaving the plush abode of Sheri the Former Script Sovereign (who now is Super Sheri, because she's just launched a web site for students to check out college campuses:, Keith and I climbed into her car for a brief tour of Charlotte, including the corner of Bookie & Ruane!


After breakfast, Keith and I climbed into the dreaded Chevy HHR, which is starting to smell how it looks.

Please don't let me leave!

After making decent time through Virginia, (Note: It may be for lovers, but it sucks for drivers) Keith noted that we were passing through Burkittsville, MD. (He shouted, "AHH!! That's where the Blair Witch is!!!" Since it's against policy for me to show up early (or on time) anywhere for anything, I said, "We're making good time, let's stop off!" Keith resisted, but he's a sport (fool) and we took the four mile detour into the Blair Witch's lair.

Hi, look how pretty!

As we drove into the tiny town, we couldn't help but notice how nice and friendly it looked. Cute houses, manicured lawns. We even pulled up behind a car with a rainbow sticker on it. "Awww," we thought, "The gays like it here. And we're a bunch of wusses! I'm sure it's verynice!" But then, the deeper we got into town, the more terrified we became:

This tree marks the end of pretty Burkittsville...

...and the beginning of the grip that the Blair Witch holds on the town!

I'm so scared!

We stayed for only a few minutes, but the effects will last a lifetime.

Luckily, we met up with MollyJoy and she helped us drink the memories away!

And now, it's time to have some breakfast, in order to eat the memories away.

Or something.



Rachel said...

Now that Bookie has joined the fun, shouldn't the title be, "Planes, Trains, and Buses"??? Lots and lots of buses!!

Jon said...

Be careful at the original House of Ruanes...

The Blair Witch has nothing on the ghost of Shadow Court!

Jon said...

FYI, someone was murdered across the street from our house when we were the ghost of Shadow Court is very real.


Bookie! said...

Queens and Queens...REALLY??! IDIOTS!!!