Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You Can Use the Brain Today!

So, we woke up this morning, raring to go, or as close to it, as Jeff and I could muster. AJ and Hailey were waiting to meet us with open arms, well at least for me anyway, they both sort of looked at Jeff like he was from Mars.


After giving the kids some presents, as any good uncle should, the kids finally came around. We enjoyed a lovely cheesy filled breakfast courtesy of my sister Danielle. It was great to see my brother and the rest of the fam, so it was sad to say, but we bid a fond farewell to my brother.

Before we could leave, Matt lovingly yelled at Jeff and I some more for not knowing where the hell we were going, and for just generally not having much of a clue. He was still hoping that we would agree to go get that GPS mapping system thing. Danielle jumped in to defend us, or something, she really is my sister from another life.

After some more directionally challenged mockery, Matt said to Danielle "of course you are on his side, you two share the same brain!". And out of the kindness of her heart Danielle said "that's fine, he can use it today, I will just drool during the kids' parent teacher conference today". Aww, isn't she sweet!


So we finally got our tired lazy asses into the car heading off into the great blue yonder, in the general direction of South Carolina, I think. Thanks again bro, for the hospitality! As we pulled out of the driveway, we couldn't help but comment on my brother's lovely lawn, and lo and behold, he won an award for it!

Ooooh, Fancy!

After driving for a hundred years, we arrived in Columbia, South Carolina, where we had dinner with Jeff's friend John. After an early dinner, we hopped back in the shit ass mobile, and headed up to Charlotte, North Carolina, to meet up with Jeff's friend Sheri, who was amazing. We went off to a bar called "Liason", which looked like a hot pink plantation house, I'm not making this up...

See I told you!

We had an amazing time at the bar. Sheri's friends all came out to meet us at the bar. In particular, Lucas and Kara were absolutely hilarous. They pretty much act like they are brother and sister and it was absolute comedy to watch them bicker about why they didn't audition for "the Amazing Race". Kara is also getting ready to join the Ladies Junior League. She is very fancy and fantastic, with her pearls. She is pretty much a sitcom with a pulse, and I mean that in the best possible way. I think we all drank about 75 drinks each, before heading off to Waffle House for some late night, and much needed greasy goodness, here is a photo recap!

Jeff and Sherijoy

The Last sober moment


Aww, Vodkajoy

What do you think about the crisis in the Middle East?

That's a shame!

Best night ever!

Ugh, I am so ready for bed, and it is 300 o'clock in the morning. Charlotte has been a blast, Sheri has been amazing, letting us crash at her beautiful house. And that's all for now folks, I'm gonna pass out now, before I pass out. See ya!

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Culpepper said...

I had an amazing time with ya'll last night at Liasons! Even though I joined the party late, I am so happy that I met you crazy roadtrippers. I feel as though I must list my favorite moments from the evening in a "Top 5" format:
5) Meeting Mr. L.A. at the bar - Mr. Lower Alabama that is!
4) Teaching ya'll the fine art and strategy of cow poker! (you must report back the winner from teh next leg of your journey)
3) Teaching ya'll the fine art and strategy of Christmas poker - a bit difficult to play during this particular trip...but maybe next time!
2) Watching rum spew from Keith's nose when Lucas and I revealed that we met in Band Camp...true story!! :)
1) Making your World-famous BLOG!! Have a wonderful trip and I hope to cross paths again very soon!