Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ruanes, Bookies and a Sharon, Oh my!

Everyone knows that to start off the day right, you need to eat a good healthy breakfast. So of course we ignore that notion completely and went for a final grease and crazy filled breakfast with Mollyjoy at a charming little place called "Plum Crazy Diner". And boy did it live up to the name.

At the counter was an interesting fellow, and by interesting, I mean crazy. He was decked out in his best pair of denim overalls, and a pair of black rubber boots, and for some reason, he had plastic bags tucked into both of his boots. I think it was to catch the crazy dripping off of him.

Then came the 743 year old couple behind us. They were bickering back and forth, not making a lick of sense. But the best part was when we got up to leave and I noticed that he had a name tag on. I thought, aww, that's cute, until I looked closer at what was written on it. Apparently, he was a randy ol bugger, since his nametag simply said "whore". It was great hanging out with the littlest Ruane, and we were sad to see her go, but it was time to head to 75 other states in 6 hours time.
Oh, and did I mention that our waitresses name was "Pickles"? Uhh, yeah, nuff said!
It Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin

After leaving Mollyjoy, we headed in some direction, at this point I have no idea which way is up, I mean lets be honest, I'm not the best with directions anyway, and after 1500 miles in 3 days, on about 10 hours sleep, it aint gettin any better.

Eventually we hit Maryland, where we met up with Pyscho Sharon, aka PostMistress Sharon! She gave us an amazing tour of the Post Office and the Sorting Plant. It was highly informative. Sharon was amazing, and in the 2 hours we were there, I think Sharon broke the Guiness Book of Worlds Records for number of words spoken in such a short period of time! Sharon is one of those people you just wanna hug, she is a total sweetheart, and it was great seeing her again...

See Sharon hugs are the best!

After leaving Maryland, we headed in some other direction to Dover Deleware to meet up with Mama and Papa Ru!

Jon and Rachel were very anxious about us going to their childhood home and hanging with their parents, without their supervision, you know, to prevent the parents Ru from divulging any embarrasing childhood stories or photos.

Once we got their Mama Ru brought out a great spread for lunch, homemade chicken salad, fresh fruit salad, it was VERY fancy and delicious! After lunching, Mama Ru had to run off to teach a class, we were sad to see her go, but it was great to see her, be it ever so briefly

Mama Ru Joy!

Even the ducks are friendly in Dover

Papa Ru Joy too!

After Mama Ru left, Papa Ru decided to take us around town, since he is on the city council, we got the fancy shmacny VIP tour, hi, it was very exciting!

We the People...or somethin

First we went off to City Hall, and like I said, Papa Ru is mighty important, so we got to go into the city council chambers, where they hold all of those super secret private meetings where they decide the fate of the free world, I felt drunk with power, and poor Jeff suffered for it.

You Can't Handle the Truth!

After I was done with gavel joy, Papa Ru took us to the less historic part of town. We hopped in the Ru mobile and headed to the Dover Downs Casino and Race Track. Hi, it was very exciting, we watched a horse chariot race kind of thing. The one I picked didn't win, but I didn't bet so I didnt care all that much, I might have cried inside a little.

Horsey Fun!

After the race we walked through the Casino a bit, and Jeff and I came across this really crazy virtual blackjack thingie. The Computer dealer woman was kinda creepy, she just sort of stared at us, in that Stepford kind of way, but it worked, Jeff and I bet $5 each! Jeff and I lost $5 each! Bah!

You bitch!

After losing our life savings at the Dover Downs, it was time to bid farewell to Papa Ru. We had an amazing time, thank you Papa Ru for your warmth and hospitality. I love all your children and I feel blessed to have them in my life. Can't wait to see you again. Have fun in the Amazon, oh and Papa Ru, watch out for that burrowing fishie you told us about! OW!!!!

Farewell Casa Ru!

I know, I know, longest entry ever, but we were VERY busy today. After we left Ru-ville, we headed off towards Cherry Hill, New Jersey, hi, it's time to meet up with Adam and Mama and Papa Bookie. After driving on 812 different roads, and after Jeff got us lost for 15 minutes (in his hometown, idiot!) we finally arrived in Bookietown USA!

It was great to see Adam and finally meet the folks, hi, they were super cute, and soooo nice! Adam kept laughing the whole time because he couldnt believe that Jeff and I were at his parents house. It was kinda weird, but Adam is crazy, so I blame him.

Mama Bookie made an amazing dinner, a roast with something called Kasha, I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it was delicious! I ate until I couldnt eat anymore. We all sat at the table telling stories and laughing. Jeff and I nearly died when Papa Bookie let us taste something called "Julia Grappa" hi it tasted like Super Alcoholic Robotussin, my insides might still be burning from it!

After a little digesting, it was time for dessert, Mama Bookie baked a homemade apple pie for us, I ate what I could, but I think most of it is still in my throat because there is no room in my stomach!

Yum, Good times with the Bookies!

Thanks again Mama and Papa Bookie, you have a lovely home and thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and cooking a wonderful meal. Can't wait to see you this summer in LA!
Whew, its now about 1:30 in the morning, we are now at Casa Nucera in Philly yo! I haven't met Ralph and Tina yet, hi, they are sleeping, but I'm very excited to meet them tomorrow. Now I'm off to bed in Jeff's childhood room, which might now be a Raggedy Ann room, ooooofcourseitis! Seeya, more tomorrow!!!


Marty said...

Sorry I had to run off to class and did not get to spend more time with you, but PappaRu did a good job of showing you Old Dover and New Dover. We were honored to be part of this road trip and appear in your blog! We especially enjoyed how nervous it made a certain boy in LA. Hope we provided you with a little fodder to annoy and embarass him. Our children are so lucky to have good friends like you! Enjoy the rest of the trip!

Papa Ru said...

MommaRu and I really appreciated your visit today...especially knowing how long your driving has been.

You represent a loving connection with our children and we will always welcome you in our home.

Hugging you is simply a way to thank you for your loving friendship with our children.

When we think of their absence and their geographic distance from us, we think of you and the other persons in their LA community; and, we are reassured that they are safe and happy in the embrace of friends.

You were both better at playing Councilmen than gamblers, although I have learned that some of the same skills are useful in both endeavors.

As to the Amazon River fishies, I will protect myself by wearing my leather codpiece and red cape,like my Spartan ancestors at Thermopylae !

Rachel said...

You made my father use the expression "leather codpiece"!!!!!!!!!!!! My burning eyes....when you get home, all of you are getting a GIANT spanking from SisterRu. However, I have to admit that the photo of you stroking the geese is GENIUS!