Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day Four: Westminster, MD - Philly Yo!

1531.1 - Ahh, Psycho Sharon here we come!

1533 - The sky is crying and so are we because we are back in the stupid HHR (High Hysteria Roadster)

1540 - Ah! No windshield washer fluid, driving blind from bug guts. Jeff stops to clean windsheild

1543.5 - Jeff kills CryPod

1543.8 - CryPod resurrected. Happy Easter!

1548.5 - Sky stops crying...we continue :(

1550 - Knowing is half the battle, G.I. Joe! HOT!

1554 - Jeff runs over plastic bag, HHR (Hazardous Highway Recyclebin) brings it along for the trip.

1572 - Keith sees signs for "Scenic Potomac River". Jeff yells "There's no time, we're makin memories.

1586.7 - Swerving Truck Death! AHHHH!!!

1596 - Jeff lies horribly claiming the HHR is a smooth and comfy ride, BAH!

1601.2 - HOT!

1606.6 - Ah!!! Road splits! (on a side note, Keith's pants split two states ago)

1624.2 - Weoo Weoo Weoo, Easton, Weoo, Pyscho Sharon, weo

1629.9 - Leaving postal goodness, off to Ru-ville!

1641.4 - Where's Adam?

1644 - "We're on a road to nowhere"

1635.1 - Jeff invents new game, Horse Poker!

1635.2 - Jeff sucks at Horse Poker

1658 - Woohoo, Deleaware!! We think...hi, there's no signs

1659 - Nothing here! Sorry Morgan

1670.1 - Ru-Ville USA!!!

1673 - Leavin Ru-ville :( Off to Philly Yo!

1699 - Plans change, look out Bookies, here we come

1736.5 - Hi Liar!

1746.5 - Philly yo!

1755.3 - Jeff gets lost in his hometown...ofcoursehedoes

1757.3 - Jeff gets us lost in someplace called fishtown, hi, it smells like chicken

1757.8 - Leaving Philly for Beer City

1758.4 - Getaway to liquor ville is short lived. Back in Philly, still lost, everyone is honking at us, even the guy on the bike with a baby seat on it, with no baby.

1759.9 - Jeff finally finds the right bridge, Keith doesn't care. Look out New Jersey, we think we're comin.

1760.2 - Keith asks "is there a toll going to New Jersey?" Jeff replies "no, because you get what you pay for" BOAM!

1766 - Bookie town!!!

1766.6 - Gas! And hi, someone else is pumping it, it's VERY fancy here in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

1766.7 - Check Oil light comes on...good luck with that National Rent-a-wreck.

1773.4 - Casa Bookbinder, look how fun!

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