Saturday, March 24, 2007


Since Carjoy's Mascots didn't feel comfortable taking a road trip without Jon, Keith and I need a new one. And it comes in the form of this chicken:

It even poops bubble gum!

And so, here's the Worst Contest Ever: Name our Chicken Mascot and, when the road trip is done, you get to keep it!*

*Assuming both the chicken and the Keith & Jeff survive. Bubble gum may be stale and/or eaten by the time you get it. All rights reserved.


Jon said...

Why don't you just call it "Girl"?

Or "Clucky"?

Or "The Chicken that poops gumballs"???


I hate being stuck in Los Angeles during RoadTripJoy. There's no time to be clever OR creative here!

Where's Norma and the Alien Princesses?

Adriana said...

uuuuuh, name her "Crispy Chickenjoy." Duh!

Meghann said...

GumShitter. Duh.

Ps - Best way to get rid of your useless crap when you're done with it? Contest!

Pps - I better win.

Cristin said...

Name it Shitcken. Then, it can also be an adjective, i.e. "i got so shitckenned last night"

Cristin said...

Also, I realize I'm really late and really slow. What else is new?