Saturday, March 24, 2007

87, no 78 Bottles of Rum on the Wall!

Tonight, Jeff was introduced to my family, and did they ever live up to their reputation. The evening was filled with equal amounts of joy and booze. After hugs, kisses and introductions, approximately 38 seconds after walking in the door, I was sent into the kitchen to play bartender.
My grandfather and my aunts and uncles all needed refills on their rum and cokes. Grandma was another story. She needed a fresh drink because she couldn't remember where she left hers. Needless to say, the day had started off right for everyone.

Aww, look how cute!

Hi, I miss the Rents!

Jeff and I stuffed our faces full of pork and black beans and rice, plus anything else we could shovel into our gullets...

Sayonara Pork Pig
We were also there to celebrate my Mom's and my Grandmother's birthday. The cake had a few candles on it, but after Grandma enjoyed a little too much Reisling, she couldn't remember if she was 78 or 87, so she guessed, hehe.

Happy Birthday to you!

In the end, it was another fun filled evening with the Viera's. Everyone had a great time, and they all loved Jeff, even if he was just a stupid Gringo!

The fam


Jon said...

AW...FamilyBurkeDrunkJoy looks fun!

In Los Angeles, you guys missed the homo trip to "PRIDE."

I was VERY busy.


Bookie! said...

Ofcoursehewasverybusy. Seems like someone needs some "Black Action."

rumbayly said...

Ok freakies...
Just a word of caution for the alcoholics when you get to Charlotte: VISIT THE CAROLINA BREWERY! If nothing else, there is a giant pint glass that you must have your picture with. (Tours are only on Saturdays, I think) $5.00 tours, +5 samples and 1.00 keep the glass samples! WOOHOO!
Call me!
Psycho Sharon

MamaBurke said...

Grandma was a little nerveous when I told her that one of Keith's friends from California was coming to dinner. She was worried that her famous Black Beans and Rice would not live up to expectations. So she had a little Manischewitz. All was well after that. The whole family fell in love with Jeff. The main comment was how polite he was.(?) Not too sure what they expected. Everyone enjoyed the visit and all were happy to finally meet one of Keith's friends. Come back for a visit Jeff. You're now part of the family...

Love Mama & PapaBurke and Spike&RedBurke

Zita said...

Good words.