Friday, March 30, 2007

City of Brotherly, Motherly & Fatherly Love

After dinner with the Bookbinders the other night, Keith and I went to my parents' house to sleep for five seconds.

I've been dreading this leg of the journey, seeing as how my parents are...eccentric. Just the other day, on our way out of North Carolina, my father called my cell and all I could hear was yelling. My father asked, "Are you sure you want to bring your friend here?" I asked what all the noise was in the background and he informed me that my brother Chris decided to be mad at my mom today because he bought her some sort of pill box, and she said she didn't want it. Oh--did I mention he gave this to her about twenty years ago?

When we woke up Thursday morning, Keith and I ran off to meet my brother Ralph for breakfast at a diner. My Philly friends all know how rare that is; despite having known some of them for 10, 15 or even 20 years, many of them have never even met him. (Most think he is made up.) He's kind of like Richie Cunningham's older brother. If you were paying attention early on, he was around. Otherwise, not so much. Although I'm pretty much cut from the same mold as my brother Chris and my sister Donna...Ralph chose a different path.

Yes, that's his truck. With a Nascar sticker.

Two Ralphs & a Jeff

After taking Keith around to have some real Philly food, we went to Dinner With My Family. My niece and nephew wanted to go to Friendly's, although my brother Chris desperately wanted somewhere where we could all drink--because he knows how our family gets.

It's not the same without StupidDonna!

For example, here's what happens when you ask my parents, Rotten Ralph & Screamin' Tina, for a "nice" picture.

I clearly didn't take after my father. . .

Although I was a little nervous putting Keith and Adam in front of my family, I think they enjoyed themselves.

"Oh God. There are a hundred of them."

I must admit, I wasn't just afraid of how my family would affect Keith and Bookie. I was a little scared that their deviant behavior would rub off on my niece and nephew.

But I think Bret & Taylor are mature enough to handle anything. Kids today grow up so fast.

All in all, we had a great time--proving once again that even without liquor, we can have a normal, healthy, happy family.

Taylor & Bret with their Uncle Jeff!

Sweet, Sweet Taylor

Hey Bret! Are you happy to see Uncle Jeff??

My brother Chrisp and sister-in-law Lauren. Weeoo!

Well...maybe a little booze wouldn't hurt. . .

Bret drinks the blues away.

After dinner, Keith, Bookie & I headed down into the city for Booze O'Clock. More on that later. . .


Meghann said...

How much did you have to pay that guy to pretend to be "Ralph Jr?"

Rachel said...

I'm SO upset that I didn't get meet Ralph & Tina and the rest of the Nucera clan. Considering that Donna and Jeff are two of my FAVORITE people in the whole universe, I bet that I would be in love with the rest of his family. Although maybe not his niece and nephew. They seem too cute, and I might be a little jealous.