Saturday, March 24, 2007

America's Next Pup Model

I know that Keith mentioned yesterday how adorable his grandparents are, but here's the thing:

They're cuter. And maybe drunker. The best part of the day was when Grandpa showed me his fishing photo album, and I said to him and Grandma how great it is that they still have so much fun. Grandma smiled and said, "Yeah...we have a lot of fun!" She then told me that, essentially, they're making memories from here on out. I nearly cried little rum tears, I was so moved. I wish we could take them with us for the Road Trip portion of the road trip, which starts in about an hour!

Not to be outdone, Keith's parents are also trying to murder us with cuteness. On last year's road trip, Jon and I watched as Aunt Susie brushed her dog's teeth. As it turns out, this is a national trend I was not aware of, as MamaBurke does the same with her puppies, Spike & Red.

But that's not all.

You see, after brushing their teeth, the puppies must shower. . .

The Red Devil

Have their hair done. . .

Weooo! Warm!

. . .and apply their special cologne. . .

. . .and practice their runway walk. . .

. . .all as they get ready to leave the house. . .

PapaBurke showcases a handsome dog carrier.

...and get in the running to be America's Next Top Dog:

The Zoolander Pose

Acting Scottish & Disinterested (How convincing!)

Southern Comfort

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Puppy Weaves!

The Original Ghetto Messes

Thanks to our special Pup Model Designers:

Purina Turlington

Tyra Barks

Now that we've given the puppies some self-esteem and a sense of purpose, (and agitated everyone in the process) it's time to leave Miami and head off to sweet, sweet Tallahassee!

Thanks MamaBurke & PapaBurke for making me feel at home, and allowing me to harass the family and animals. You guys are the best!