Friday, March 23, 2007

Almost Over Before it Begins?

So, here I am, minding my own business, calmly waiting for Jeff to get his $3 wine soaked ass here, when this pops up on the news...

Oooof course Jeff decides to fly into a "Hot Zone" (sorry, I've seen Outbreak one too many times). Someone flying on the same airline and landing into the same terminal as Jeff, decided that their carry on luggage would be SMALL POX! Idiot! (ehhem, I hope everyone is okay, or somethin)

Could this be the end of the 'worst road trip ever'?? Thankfully (for us) and sadly (for everyone reading this) the answer is no. Jeff should be getting here in a few hours. Apparenly there is another idiot on his flight who forgot to clear their luggage through customs (but that could be polite airline speak for "you will begin bleeding from your eye holes momentarily"), you can never be too sure!


Jon said...

Seriously dude? SERIOUSLY?

Everyone please be careful!

No one is allowed to bleed...until AFTER my birthday.

Bookie! said...

No bleeding! I don't care for blood.

And how typical that this happened where Jeff was. Ofcourseitdid.

Rachel said...

Only girls are allowed to bleed.
Just because you're gay doesn't mean that you get to have your "friend" come over once a month.

Rachel said...

You do realize that "smallpox" is code for "the plane is broken" right?