Friday, March 30, 2007

Filled with Rage and Deliciousness

So we woke up this morning at Casa Nucera, after only sleeping about 4 hours, which is about par for the course, because we are deviants. Anyhoo, I was very excited this morning because Jeff and Bookie are taking me on a tour of South Street in Philly, and by tour I mean we are going to all the places with great food to stuff our fat faces, as if we haven't done enough of that already.
So we hop in the HHR (Hungry Hungry Roadster) and headed off towards Downtown Philly yo! I was so excited, but my excitement was quickly derailed as everything started going awry. First there was this stupid woman at the toll booth who got out of the car to ask for directions...

I bet she is from South Carolina

So after the toll booth debacle, we finally arrived in Philly!!!! Weooo!!!!!!!! Then disaster struck again. They were having some kind of bullshit protest or somethin, and pretty much all of Philadelphia was crossing the street. Idiots! So we sat for a hundred years stewing in the HHR (Heinous Highwaypatrol Roadblock). Hi I was getting into the spirit of Philly, I was very yelly.

What if Philly was closed? Would I be able to get my cheesesteak? My water ice?? Panic was starting to set in. Even Adam was getting cranky...

That's a shame

But the road trip gods were on our side and we FINALLY got down to South Street. I ran as fast as I could (I really just walked, but it goes better with the story, shut up, don't judge!). After almost an eternity (or 10 minutes) we arrived here...

Let the Games Begin!

The moment had come, my first Philly Cheesesteak...

Jim's is Itailian for YUM!

And that led into us to Rita's for my first water ice...
Rita's is also Italian for YUM! Hmm, weird, who knew

The water ice was absolutely delicious, it was like a fancy slurpee only completely different than that, it's hard to explain, I'm very tired. STOP JUDGING ME!!!! We had a blast in South Street, even if we were freezing our asses off, hi, it was like 1 degrees outside, or somethin
Where's North St. ehhem, how's it goin?

As we bid a fond farewell to South Street, it was time to haul back to Jeff's casa (or crawl because there were a billion cars on the freeway. On a side note, here is the bridge that Jeff missed 18 times yesterday...

Hi, it's huge, Jeff is an idiot!

We went straight over to the happiest place on Earth for you guessed it, more food!
The rest of the Nucera clan was there. Jeff's brother Chris, his niece and nephew Taylor and Bret, as well as Rotten Ralph and Screamin Tina (aka, Mom and Dad). We had a great time, we pretty much took over the entire restaurant because we were so loud. I fit right in, weird. Jeff's niece Taylor is a riot, she is basically an 11 year old version of her aunt Donna (aww Donna, she aint right!).
Jeff and Mini Donna
Bookie and Burkeyjoy

Aww, Rotten Ralph and Screamin Tina! So cute!

Dinner was hilarious. Jeff's family has been so welcoming to the little rafter kid from Miami (hi, that's me, we're boat people). But there is no rest for the weary. It's off to North 3rd, a bar in Philly, to meet up with all of Jeff's crazy friends. More to come! Stay tuned!

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