Sunday, March 25, 2007

Worst Car Ever!

So this morning we woke up and had one final breakfast with Mom and Dad. Mom made one of her specialties...

Mmm, Hot Diabetes!
After stuffing our faces, we headed down to South Beach to pick up the "car". I say that because it is a car in shape only. Not only is it the gayest car ever, a Chevy HHR (see Jeff's post for what HHR stands for), but it has more problems than Rachel has with Cracker Barrel!

As the overly friendly attendant threw our key and gestured toward the alley, telling us "your car is the silver one around the corner". What could we do with such hospitality, but scurry off around the corner in search of the car. As we came around into the alley, it was filled with at least 30 cars, half of which are silver.

What were we do to, we didn't have an alarm for the car (I'll get to that part later). So we wandered from car to car, trying to match the logo on the key. After looking at every car on one side, with nothing to show for it. I noticed a random looking car, inconspicuously parked across the street.


Sadly, I was right, and that bastard child of a Mini Cooper and a PT Cruiser, was in fact our car. Inside, things weren't much better, from the cigarette burn in the back seat (the last driver must have missed the no smoking sticker plastered on the dashboard), to the missing dome light, with nothing but a hole where it used to be, this lemon, I mean car, was all ours.

Hoping for the best, we bid a fond farewell to Mama and Papa Burke, and headed off into the proverbial sunset.

At least it started off with smiles

After a good few hours in the car, we stopped at a rest stop to waz, and came to realize that it's important for you to actually have the alarm button thingamajig for the car. Apparently, the wonderful people at National Car Rental, sadly, don't agree.

So now, every time that we have to open the car, the alarm goes off! Let me tell you, it's pretty fantastic how everyone in a parking lot looks at you like you are either too dumb to turn the alarm off, or you are a brazen thief trying to steal the car in broad daylight. At least we only have to do this another, I don't know, 45 more times before we send this P.O.S. off to the glue factory.

Finally, we arrived in Tallahassee, and went to grab a bite to eat with my brother Matt. I think Jeff had more fun watching us bicker and mock each other for the whole meal at Chili's. Ahh, the good ol days.

That's all for now, my brother and my sister-in-law, Danielle, are laughing at us "geeks" who are too busy typing up yesterday's memories. Gotta go, I'm makin memories!!

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Jon said...

That HHR car is one giant bucket of Hot Homo Ridiculousness!