Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hazy Daze

So we got to North 3rd, this great little corner bar in a part of Philly called Northern Liberties. I wish they had more bars like this in LA, because hi, it was fun! I continued my trend of having all things Philly, so I drank Yuengling beer, a local brew, that is soooooo good!!!! And here's the thing, it was only $3 a pint, fancy!
So we started drinkin....and drinkin...and drinkin, you see where this is goin? Hi, my camera even started drinking, hence all the hazy pictures to follow!
One by one Jeff's crazy friends started to show up, and they were all a complete mess, in the best possible way. Oh and Bookie's brother Matthew and his soon to be wife Monica were there too. It's a little weird with Adam and his brother together because they look exactly alike...
See what I mean
Thankfully I was too full of food to get drunk, but I couldn't stop drinking the Yuengling, it was delicious. Thought I can't really say the same for everyone else, because little by little everyone turned into a bunch of deviants. That's right folks, time for another photo recap!
Jeff and Keith joy

We miss you Jon!

Really!? With the bunny ears

That's StupiDonna's friend Michael O'Connell and just like Donna, that kid aint right!

aww Jeff and Stupid Staci

Megan tells the best F'ing stories in the world

Jeff, Jess and Rob joy

And here is Bookie holding one of the glasses that he ended up stealing from the bar! What's wrong with you Bookie. Stop your petty theivery, we're makin memories!

Do prison jumpsuits come in pastel?

Then things just started goin downhill from there. Jeff attempted to do a lame bit, normally he would just go to comedy jail, but the masses turned on him. I can't even remember what the bit was, but apparently it just sucked

Comedy jail death squad

Nobody has faith in me!

Say BOOB!!!

Then Adam, after having pint number 742, attempted to deface the giant roll of Mentos that Staci brought back all the way from Europia for Jeff.

Is that a Mentos roll in your pocket oro are you just happy to see me?

Jeff didn't find it quite as amusing as the rest of us...

You bitch!

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Meghann said...

Hi, I might still be drunk. And Amii might still have a soot goatee ... err goatii.