Friday, March 23, 2007

The Wild Side of Miami

Hi, I might be a little tired. After flying all day, I finally arrived in Miami as the sun was setting. I still didn’t get to sleep on the flight, but at least this time, there was no creepy guy reading smut next to me.

Keith and PapaBurke were waiting for me when I arrived at Miami International Airport where I was whisked away for an official Burkey Home Cooked Meal, by MamaBurke!

On our way to Burkeshire, Keith pointed at a space off the highway and said, “I went to high school there.” Unfortunately, he said it just as we passed by this sign:

Keith's High School! Weooo!

Now at the home where Keith grew up, The Burkes fed us well and the dogs yelled at us. Little devils:

Spike and Red. Both are no more than the size of a nickel!

Afterwards, Keith and I went shopping for road trip supplies and while out, I discovered even more wild animals! Frogs on the front lawn:

Bud. Err. Etc.

Lizards crawling up and down outside the house:

Brought to you by Geico!

And this evil looking black dog beast that kept us hiding in the car:


We could have perished!

And now: time to sleep.


Jon said...

Bud. Err. Etc.


Toni said...

I love you, but seriously, are you cool enough for Miami? I mean, bienvenido a Miami, but really. You're no Blanca Olar. Make sure those lizards don't crawl into your bag, because they tend to do that, then begin to fornicate with similar size items in your luggage, and then begin to spawn, and bam next thing you know, a whole team of Miami wall lizards. I read that somewhere once.

MamaBurke said...

FYI, that's Julio, our pet lizard, I've been looking for him!

Tiff said...


You are hilarious!