Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Real Loving Molly!

Yesterday was a really LONG LONG day! We woke up in Charlotte after drinking our faces off. I think I blinked and it was time to wake up, UGH! After showering in Sheri's amazing shower...

Oooooh, Ahhhhhh

We headed off to grab a bite at a delicious bite to eat and a lovely little diner, which for the life of me, I can't remember what it was called. Sheri took us around Charlotte, hi, it's a beautiful city, I wanted all the houses, get in the car. After the scenery, it was time to say bye to Sheri. Thanks again Sheri for all the southern hospitality, I had an amazing time!

Thanks Sheri!!

With that we hopped into the HHR (Holy Hell Roadster) and headed north. We passed on into Virginia, hi, it was beautiful. Next, we went through West Virginia, hi, I hated it there, it was like Deliverance. At this point we had been in the car for about 77 1/2 hours. I might have started losing my mind, I blame the HHR, stupid car!

So we finally got off the freeway onto the country roads that led to Mollyjoy. Hi, they were kinda scary too, it was like one tiny little town after the next, they might have scared me. I'm sure they are lovely, but I've seen waaaay too many horror movies that start off with stupid young people getting lost on country roads. We drove on these little roads for another 72 hours. Hi, I was all yelly in the car "I hope Molly doesn't live in Mayberry". I was very nervous, when out of the blue I saw this...


I don't think I had ever been so excited to see WalMart! After checking into our hotel, Molljooy came and picked us up, because one more second in the stupid HHR (Hell Hound Racer) would have killed Jeff and I. We went out to a sports bar kinda place for dinner, because when you think of Jeff and I you think sports...hi liar

Aww, Molly!

Look how cute!

After dinner we headed off to a bar into beautiful downtown Westminster. After that it gets kinda fuzzy, guess its time for another photo recap!!

Almost boozin time

Aaaand so it begins

Last sober moment...

Drunk rock climbing!

Hi, that aint V8


This party brought to you by Bacardi

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Now, its morning, I hate it! I think I blinked again and it was stupid morning. Jeff hopped in the shower, and the stupid alarm starting going off about every 14 1/2 seconds. I hate Maryland, hehehe.

Made in South Carolina

Now, its time for a goodbye breakfast with MollyJoy. See ya for now!


Rachel said...

Ahhh....I'm so sad that you got MollyJoy without me!!! I'm also super duper glad that we got the "censored" version of whatever photos were snapped during the Bacardi Baccanalia in Westminster.

Jon said...

That's my SISTER!